Thursday, 5 November 2015

Perfume Solid Perfume France Grasse Chamonix perfume for man skin care perfume insect repellent

Introducing Chamonix Solid Perfume

Enchanting Perfume balm, also known as solid perfume
, a non alcoholic base cream perfume, most liquid base perfume contain alcohol, but solid perfume are made from ingredients which naturally protect and improve your skin: Bee propolis (aka bee wax or glue, bee hives major ingredient, a natural antibiotic.), essential oil, also rich in vitamin C and E. Once apply it instantly exudes charmingly romantic fragrance, while at the same time nourish your skin. It can even be substitute as nail ointment, can greatly improve dry and withering nail.
Cinderella said: "So cute, this little tin of charming perfume, I can bring it with me any where I go, even on a plane, I'll have no worry in spilling it like liquid
perfume does, so easy to use, even in public places, I can elegantly apply it and still keeping my grace."
It can last as long as 30ml of liquid perfume, ideal for ladies and even suitable for men as well.
Chamonix Grasse France Perfume Balm  15ml 100% authentic, metal box (4.3cm) package.   Mand in France.

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