Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Korean style silver necklace handmade ceramic pendant lovers gift jewelry flower porcelain pendant

At a glance, it looks like a flower bud with gold lining, look closer it is also a bell concealing  silver inside.

You secretly admire her, you want to let her know? give this to her, it concealed your heart inside…

Because your love is solid, you want something that’s been created in a furnace with a burning temperature of 1330 °C of high temperature incubator which can last a thousand years and still as good as new….

With tough silver necklace and hand crafted flower bud drawn by artist with real gold lining, burnt in kiln of Jingdezhen with light color porcelain…….

Dazzling beauty, alluring, like drunken dizziness, blushing face flush a little shyness…

A gift for some one special, a present for somebody you care, or is it an indulgence just to pamper yourself…?

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