Monday, 26 October 2015

Silver necklace ceramic pendant cute round porcelain dragon fly roam free in sky water drop jewelry

Round globe style, both side artistically drawn with blue line dragon fly and water lily. feel like you are sitting around a beautiful pond, relaxing and enjoying the freedom feeling it provided.

Actually for any novice to draw these fine artistic drawing is very difficult, more so when you draw on porcelain, because you have no ink when drawing on ceramic or porcelain before it go into the kiln to burnt at temperature of more than a thousand degree °C , most of the time it is only colorless clay liquid. To do such fine and beautiful drawing you need a lot of practice and experience.

Through the fine artist’s hand, the end result is such delicate beauty, A gift of art, is a gift of beauty, this is more apparent when not only you can carry the art around it enhance the beauty of that person who carry it.

Small and cute, delicate and beautiful, fresh and stylish, ideal for those freedom seeking soul.

Let those dragon flies carry your free spirit hovering between the wind that blew with the sweet scent of lily among the pond of happiness.

Alas who wants to be confine without the beauty of the art to free our mind from on going life’s burden of singularity and routine.

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