Thursday, 6 June 2013

Better Circulation and Arthritis Pain Gone

Verne Eaton
 I have suffered with several chronic medical problems. I have taken blood pressure medication for about thirty years.

 Poor circulation in my lower legs has compromised the feeling from my ankles on down to my feet, and made my toes very cold. Arthritis in my joints and my right shoulder has made my life less than pleasant. 

I started taking stem cell nutrition about ten weeks ago, and my unhealthy conditions are changing, I have more energy and a greater sense of well being. I sleep better at night.

 The aches and pains of arthritis have all gone away, I can now hold my hand above my head with absolutely no pain. I can get up out of a chair without feeling stiff or sore. The range of motion in my joints has increased tremendously. 

As for the poor circulation, feeling has returned in my lower legs. My toes and feet actually feel warm now. And the last time I checked my blood pressure, it was low-maybe too low. I split my blood pressure pill in half, and my next reading was a perfect 120/60. 

Stem cell nutrition is a Godsend. I look forward to more improvement as time goes on. 

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