Tuesday, 16 April 2013


I never thought I was perfectionist, until my wife pointed out that I am using too much time decorating my Blog, now I know I also have some perfectionist aspect, certain side of me is. I think to a certain extend most of us is in some way a perfectionist. I don't want to be a perfectionist, I just want to be good at what I do.

Once a friend told me that he is a perfectionist, he sounded really proud of himself. He died young, I think being perfectionist contribute to his early demise.

I the cash flow quadrant it says, being 'S' (self employed) is a perfectionist, that is why they always ended doing things themselves, very difficult for 'S' to delegate. 'S' also cannot stand being assess by some one else of their ability to perform certain job. 'S' is a loner, very unlikely they can truly sees the value of team work.

Lately I turn around and look carefully at myself and realized that I am nothing but an 'S' type of person, true enough I am a loner, do things by myself, go search for solution myself, mostly unable to fit into any group. Hate to let other evaluate my performance base on what they see and also their opinion of me. I know, no perception is objective, all perception are bias in some way.

One thing about me is that I don't mind if people hold different opinion as me, I don't even mind if my opinion are not fully express. I can allow other person to hold a totally different perspective and be fine with it, I think this is a part of me that is not asking for perfection, from there I start to work on myself. I see now that the other person who have a different perspective than me my ended stand at the same side as me without me saying much. Some how that understanding shape me towards not to feel so bad if the other person don't understand me and I don't put too much effort to stand my point of view, and try to explain further the most important point, I now know that these point to me maybe very important but to them may not be. What is more exciting is that I tasted the power of being silence.

From here I also can allow other people to work beside me, even to work for me, even if they cannot deliver the result I aim for. As long as the work is being done some result will definitely yield from the effort. This I now can starts to appreciate.

I want to be a 'B'(business owner), a 'B' needs a system and people to work the system. Now I am truly grateful to Stemtech, It provide a good enough system, and a wonderful product for me to build a rewarding business. Check it out, Stemtech, this is a company with a great product and a really good system that anyone with an intention to be successful can be by working the system provided by this wonderful company. Look also at the marketing plan it provided.

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