Sunday, 12 July 2009

Cosway new shop in Bukit Tinggi 2

My friend See Siew Lan just open a new Cosway franchise shop at Bukit Tinggi Two. The first three months sales is climbing steadily, from Rm60,000.00 to Rm 70,000.00 to Rm 80,000.00. Never heard of any franchise can start earning money in the first month itself.

She only come up with initial "Deposite" of Rm 10,000.00, everything else is provided by Cosway.

Computer, printer, and software provided

Shop renovation and monthly rental provided.

Products provided.

About two hundred thousand worth of products.

Its call condo stockist, recently similar project was launch
in Thailand. Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia already running.

CCTV Provided.

Others like air conditioning, water filter, electricity bill RM300.00 per month, even uniforms also provided, where else can you find a better opportunity?

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vos said...

she only came up with rm10k? how bout the location of the outlet? we have to choose our own or cosway will give an outlet?

sherman goh said...

how is the commission basis count and how we get paid?
That's the main reason to be attract as i've been interested in this .
instead no idea how the system is going.